Are the EU Member States Ready for EPSAS?


The European Public Sector Accounting Standards from the Perspective of European Experts

Published in 2019

Despite a clear trend of reform in converting from the cash accounting method to the accrual accounting method, this process has not led to a homogenous situation in public sector accounting across Europe.
Today the European Statistics Agency, Eurostat, has been commissioned to explore and to create uniform accounting standards for the EU. After having started with public consultations in 2013 and having held working groups, the reform path is now clear: although IPSAS could not be fully used as a basis, they were regarded as useful to provide a framework for developing the European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS).

In order to obtain an overview of previous accounting reform experiences and to evaluate future ways to reform and to modernise, KPMG in Germany conducted a scientific study of public accounting in Europe.