Internationale Institute

The Public Governance Institute in Germany

Who we are

The Public Governance Institute was founded in August 2005 on behalf of KPMG's German Public Sector Practice and encourages high performing government by supporting state-of-the-art public management issue analysis and solution development.

What we do

The quarterly published journal “Public Governance”, edited by the Institute, provides in-depth information for board members and decision makers from politics and public administration.

The Institute conducts research on the topics of public management and public corporate governance and regularly publishes study reports and policy-papers.

The institute supports (non-executive) board members in their role in state-owned companies by offering seminars on the basics of non-executive board rules.

The Public Governance Institute's high-ranking advisory board consists of five members.

Study reports in English

Published in 2019: Are the EU Member States Ready for EPSAS? The European Public Sector Accounting Standards from the Perspective of European Experts: Download the Abridged English Version